Solidier creek bison

More Than A Ranch

Who Are We?

We are passionate about all things Bison!

A chance encounter with a mature lone bison on the roadside charted a course we could have never anticipated. After a lot of planning & praying we were able to make the dream a reality and found our new home in eastern Kansas!

Our Vision

Healthy Bison, Land & People!

We envision a place where we, the bison and the land are healthy and happy. To hopefully grow our operations capabilities and be able to offer a nutritious, sustainable meat resource to our friends and customers alike. Come join us in that journey!

Why Bison?

Why Not?

Even after years of being around them we find ourselves still captivated by being in their presence. When you see them out on the land you can't help but feel that this is where they belong. It feels right and until it doesn't we will continue to raise them!

We're On YouTube!

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Get you Some!

Come see and taste what you've been missing! Visit Soldier Creek Bison for a tour of our facilities.