Hunt of a Lifetime

Bison Hunting

At the ranch, we offer hunting of our own animals. After a successful hunt, we will make sure the animal is fully skinned and loaded for transport.

What We Offer

Young Bulls

  • 2 year old
  • Good meat for consumption
  • Weighing approximately 1,000lbs

2-year-old Heifers

  • Best meat for consumption
  • Weighing approximately 900lbs
  • Trophy Hunts

6-10 year old bulls

  • Weighing between 1,600-2,000 lbs
  • Beautiful trophy
  • Meat for burgers, sausages and jerky

Ready To Go?

We require a $500 deposit before we book your hunt. The remaining balance is due when you harvest your animal.

We encourage you to use a high-caliber hunting rifle. Experienced bow hunters are welcome as well. However, we reserve the right to take the final shot with the rifle if the arrows do not show the desired effect.

Please contact us for pricing and to book your hunt.